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Swipe your cursor holding the mouse button to create a drift. Trackpad users can hold the space bar. Drifts are the only way to control the Agar Agar.

Your most important companion is the cell.

Protect the cell from the devourers – they absorb everything.

To defend your cell against the vicious devourers you have to infect it with germs. Germs appear all over the screen and they tend to build clusters.

Be careful Leukocytes will try to eat your germs.

Swipe germs into the cell to give it ultimate power. But if the germs are not enough the cell will eject them.

If you succeeded, drag the now barbed cell towards your enemies. The game ends when your cell is absorbed by a devourer. Good luck!


the Professor!

p.s.: Watch out for explosive surprises!



Feel free to take a look at earlier versions of Agar Agar if you're interested:

Agar Agar v0.6

Agar Agar v0.5

Visit us on Github.

Latest Release



Agar Agar was developed as a semester-project at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg by:

Eberhard Gräther (Gamedesign, Game Development)

Thomas Kempf (Gamedesign)

Sebastian Kienzl (Gamedesign, Art Direction)

Sebastian Köck (Gamedesign, Art Direction)

Franz Lanzendorfer (Gamedesign, Game Development)

Benjamin Medicke (Gamedesign, Game Development)

Visit us on Github.



If you have some suggestions on how to improve the game or just want to tell us, how awesome you think it is, feel free to do so here:


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